20 August 2012

About The GW2 PuG

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Guild Wars 2 PuG blog.
This blog is intended to present this project, which is clearly inspired by Gevlon's PuG.

Gevlon is a blogger, and a former WoW Player, who couldn't bear anymore morons and slackers, so he decided to create a guild with a-social rules and without boosting, to create a safe from M&S environment (if you don't know what I'm talking about, you should read about them in his post http://greedygoblin.blogspot.fr/p/about-m.html).

During my time as a WoW player, I joined his guild and discovered the kind of place I always wanted to be : a place where you were not forced to play with bad players, and forced to boost them, a place where guild chat wasn't full of l33t speak or kiddie speak, and a place where you could have progress without playing 24/7.

With Guild Wars 2 coming, I was afraid of ending up in one of those friendly guilds in which your eyes bleed from all the spam, emoticons and other profanities you can see in the guild chat, while you can't find a decent group to perform anything in game.
So I decided to form my own PuG in Guild Wars 2, and I expect it to be the same kind of place, where you can enjoy your game, keeping M&S out of reach.

As long as you can read the rules, you are free to join us.

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