25 January 2013

A great tool for dungeons

Guild Wars 2 LFG system is clearly lacking, and sometimes you can spend hours in Lion's Arch hoping to find one last person for that particular place you want to go.

Those days of spamming chat channel are over (or if you're like me, those days of never doing dungeons because spamming in LA for hours is not very productive) thanks to this tool :


Just browse current LFG people or create your own, this works for all servers across North America, or Europe (but not between America servers and Europe).
Once your group is ready, jump in the dungeon and the party will receive a message to start it, even if no one is on the same server.

Maybe I'm just lucky, but as I write this I never ended in a terrible group, and we always finished the dungeons we were doing.

14 November 2012

Closing The PuG

The PuG project on Guild Wars 2 is a total failure, so I'm shutting it off.
I realize that the asocial type of guild is useless, as most part of playing the game already do that : do some events, follow / leech other players without even saying a word. Rinse, repeat.
The lack of endgame makes the no attendance rule obsolete, and it's hard to form a small but efficient WvW team when everyone only wants to be a part of the zerg.

Maybe with the incoming patch, and the shadow of the gear grind, GW2 will have the same kind of problems that WoW had : "I can't do that because I'm undergeared" "XXX Gearscore is required" will be M&S favorite words, while decent players will be able to complete the dungeons. Let's just hope that they will ragequit, go back to play Kung Fu Pandaria or Dora the Explorer Online or whatever.

Thank you for your participation in The PuG.

Here's a last trick for you and your personnal Guild bank :
Create alts, make them represent your Guild.
Log them eveyday.
Enjoy the 10 influence points for each character, soon you'll improve your vault.

16 September 2012

Stop losing money !

A lot of people use the Trading Post for selling various items, but many fail to realize that this service comes with a fee. It's frequent to see crafted items / armors for only a copper above vendor value, which is lost in most cases to the listing fee.
Even worse, sometimes the listing fee is higher, now you're losing money every time you are posting something instead of just vendoring it, because of the initial 5% fee.

And when you sell your item, the Trading Post will get a 10% share of the sale,that's a 15% cut from whatever you sold, it can quickly add up...
I'm not telling you to vendor everything, but to use your brain, or at least, to use this calculator :


Stop losing money !

20 August 2012

The PuG rules

This is the introduction and rules page of the guild "The PuG" on EU server "Ruins Of Surmia". The guild was created, because I believe that certain a-social rules, and the complete banishment of boosting is the best environment for one to improve.

To join, you should know the rules.

Guild and raid chat rules:
  • No kiddie-speak, slang or emotionally loaded synonyms! Use decent English! I'm aware that many of us are not native speakers and I'm not hunting for "then vs than" or "was vs had been". Examples of improper speak (not full list): lol, m8, i, u, r, lawl, g2g, cba, rofl, ppl, peeps, ofc,  yo, moar, pwn, teh...
  • No primitive, abusive language (fukk, #%$#%@$ and such)!
  • Emoticons of any kind are forbidden.
  • No IRL things on gchat: we are from different backgrounds and here for one and only thing: we like to play this game. We may have different purposes, but that does not belong to the guild chat. You may like soccer. Or movies. Or Megan Fox. But others may not and chatting about these are pointless spam to them at best, and alienating, excluding environment at worst. Discuss such things on /casual or /w.
  • No gz! As you progress in the game, you get a few great and lot of stupid achievements. Arena Net decided to inform us from these. It's already annoying that the chat is spammed by [Explore someplace], don't increase the trash by 10 lines of "gratz"!
  • No hi/bye! Everyone can see if you are online or not. No need to spam the chat with 10 lines of hi/bye! Getting a "hi" in whisper means he is happy to see you, while gchat spam is impersonal and just spam. I'd like to emphasize that I won't kick anyone for occasional greetings. Just don't spam!
  • The guild chat is not the trade chat! Sell your stuff at the Trading Post!
  • Chit-chat channel, if you can't remain silent anymore, use GW2 option to represent another guild and go crazy with the spam !
  • After one month of inactivity, you will be kicked. However you can ask for an invite again if you come back. Lowbies (below 20) are kicked after two weeks. If you don't just disappear but write "Away until date" you won't be kicked until this date, unless you reach 2 month inactivity, so "Away until dec 12" in March does not help you.
  • Finally, the kick rule: Anyone who violates the rules gets warning(s) and if does not fix his error, kicked. In most guilds people get "relaxed" after a time, ignoring the rules and start to behave terribly. Not here! I don't care if you were here with me on the first raid in the snowstorm uphill both ways, if you violate the rules, you'll get kicked.
Invitation rules:
  • You must read the rules before invite. The inviters have the right to ask questions about the rules like "is it OK to chat about Megan Fox on guild chat?" to verify if you actually did. We had too many people who said "yeah m8 i red teh ruls XD"
  • Recruitment is permanent for all classes, specs and levels. If you ask "do u need a werior", you obviously did not read the rules.
  • Your name cannot contain kiddie-speak, whole sentences or "fun" real world references. Your name can be a human name (Anne), a meaningless word (Rowlar), or a neutral word (treetop). Can't contain references to class, spec, spells or anything "cool" or "fun".
  • There are no officers, everyone are equal. There is "inviter" rank for people I trust not to invite morons. They have the same rights as everyone plus can invite. Only I can kick and I do it in prime time so the public eye forms "checks and balances".
  • There is no application process, just whisper any inviter rank person online (anyone online can tell you who).

    Business rules:
  • No communist collective! You are not required to travel to the other end of the world just to craft something to a guildy. You are not required to craft for a guildy free, since leveling your prof had costs. You are not required to remove your item from the Trading Post and sell it to a guildy for discount. Your guildy has no monopoly rights on any segment of the Trading Post. You are absolutely not required to boost a guildy. Of course you can still do it. But discuss it in whisper. Asking for any of the above on /gchat is forbidden. If you seek a crafter, or need help to do a quest, offer him fee.
Group activity rules:
  • The rules below apply to guild groups (dungeons, sPvP, WvW). To be a guild group it has to be formed on the guild chat. You can not make any guild group with closed-invitation calendar event, must make all events public so people can plan.
  • Guild members are free to join any non-guild group too, but these groups are obviously not protected by the guild rules, so if someone ninja from you, throw racist insults at you or any other way wrongs you, don't come to me. It's your fault that you joined a /trade pug. The guild groups are actually made to provide you a safe environment from M&S, come to these! 
  • No voice communication in guild groups. Voice communication allows the RL to tell others what to do, spoon-feed them. The result: the boss is dead and the player stays bad. Without voice communication, we wipe, the guy is faced with the fact that he failed and wiped us, he will learn or gets his useless butt removed.
  • One can use the "non-guild group" rule to form raids with voice communication. Of course these cannot be advertised in guild channels and not protected by the rules.  The same applies to arena teams. If you have an already fixed team (no more advertising), you can do whatever you want. What you do in your closed circle stays there.
  • No forced attendance. You are online when you want to be online. There cannot be any other consequences for not playing than missing out on the fun of playing and the loot dropped. This rule prevents another form of slave work, where people play only to serve others. Soon they get burned out of course. You are also not required to raid when online. If you don't want to play, you don't.
  • No forced specs. If you want to be the 5-th guardian, you can be. No one can tell you to play something else. The only consequence of choosing "wrong" spec is competition for spots. While this rule made some problems forming raids, it saved lot of people from being a slave. Not raiding because of your own choice is much better than raiding as a slave.
  • No dedicated raid leaders! Anyone can announce his activity. Soon the natural leaders emerge. Anyone can form raids and anyone can join! No one is forced to join any lockout.
  • Raid leaders have the right to remove someone from the raid if inactive for 5min+, inactive for short time many times, abysmal DPS, making stupid mistakes again after the first mistake was told them and their questions answered. Also the RL can remove anyone who has no clue about the fight, as you are expected to read up. There is room for error but not for being clueless.
  • Demanding gearscore/ or achievement is forbidden. Even mentioning these are forbidden. However demanding gems, enchants is allowed. 

    PS: These rules are pretty much a copy/paste of the original PuG ones, some might change according to GW2 game mechanics.

About The GW2 PuG

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Guild Wars 2 PuG blog.
This blog is intended to present this project, which is clearly inspired by Gevlon's PuG.

Gevlon is a blogger, and a former WoW Player, who couldn't bear anymore morons and slackers, so he decided to create a guild with a-social rules and without boosting, to create a safe from M&S environment (if you don't know what I'm talking about, you should read about them in his post http://greedygoblin.blogspot.fr/p/about-m.html).

During my time as a WoW player, I joined his guild and discovered the kind of place I always wanted to be : a place where you were not forced to play with bad players, and forced to boost them, a place where guild chat wasn't full of l33t speak or kiddie speak, and a place where you could have progress without playing 24/7.

With Guild Wars 2 coming, I was afraid of ending up in one of those friendly guilds in which your eyes bleed from all the spam, emoticons and other profanities you can see in the guild chat, while you can't find a decent group to perform anything in game.
So I decided to form my own PuG in Guild Wars 2, and I expect it to be the same kind of place, where you can enjoy your game, keeping M&S out of reach.

As long as you can read the rules, you are free to join us.