14 November 2012

Closing The PuG

The PuG project on Guild Wars 2 is a total failure, so I'm shutting it off.
I realize that the asocial type of guild is useless, as most part of playing the game already do that : do some events, follow / leech other players without even saying a word. Rinse, repeat.
The lack of endgame makes the no attendance rule obsolete, and it's hard to form a small but efficient WvW team when everyone only wants to be a part of the zerg.

Maybe with the incoming patch, and the shadow of the gear grind, GW2 will have the same kind of problems that WoW had : "I can't do that because I'm undergeared" "XXX Gearscore is required" will be M&S favorite words, while decent players will be able to complete the dungeons. Let's just hope that they will ragequit, go back to play Kung Fu Pandaria or Dora the Explorer Online or whatever.

Thank you for your participation in The PuG.

Here's a last trick for you and your personnal Guild bank :
Create alts, make them represent your Guild.
Log them eveyday.
Enjoy the 10 influence points for each character, soon you'll improve your vault.

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